Monday, January 15, 2007

my boy is growin up

I was just looking at some old pics of both of my boys this afternoon, then when the fam came and picked me up from work, we had what initially appeared to be a crisis.

My oldest Avery (4) was starting to cry and was bleeding from the mouth as he tried to catch a tooth we thought he had hit himself (he is related to me-IE clutz) but turns out he lost his 1st tooth.

We were headed to WalMart to drop of some pictures for church but decided to take a tooth fairy trip anyway (which now as a parent feels like a global controlling childrens syndicate's plan for world domination and a ripoff) but I felt a little weepy as he chose the Darth Vader as his gift (they are on clearance...YES!)

Anyway enjoy the toothless pics

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