Friday, March 16, 2007

freakin awesome

Thats all I can say about 2 things

1. Unleash Conference

Yesterday we took over 40 people (yes 40 volunteers alot w/ full time jobs on a Thursday) to a one day conference at New Spring Church. To summarize, IT ROCKED. These guys tore it up and I watched what were the best breakouts and main sessions I have ever seen in 6 years of conference attendance. It was all in all a 19 hour day as we got up early and Laney an I had to go and pickup the kids last night when we got back and didnt get into bed until 11pm after getting up that morning at 4. And all I could think of was that was one of the best days we have ever had as a church and that the fallout is huge as you can see here. Perry, Pudge, and the guys at New Spring rock and if you miss this next year then you should go be an extra in this following event and you will deserve your fate in....

2. 300

I have never been on a cinematic adventure that has never been so amazing as 300 on Wednesday night. Let me just say this film rocked, it maybe as a wise man said the best guys movie ever. Just awesome. Violence? Unbelievably violent. Nudity? Yes. But an awesome story of sacrifice and why doing the right thing is always the right call. I left the theater ready to destroy any and all enemies of good and freedom and since I couldn't find any persians I figured its a reminder that there are people who are out there and do not know what REAL freedom is and they need a select few to help them find their way to that freedom, and that is worth any fight even against any odds.


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Tadd Grandstaff said...

Dude I saw that freaking movie Sunday night with abotu 7 other was awesome. I have never seen so much killing in my life and I was loving every minute of it. Good call!