Monday, March 12, 2007


ebay has dominated much of my off time lately both learning to sell, selling and pricing

The tournament is ready to go and it will be interesting who comes out ontop of the office pool

The Amazing Race made a huge mistake eliminating Rob and Amber last night. They may never have another viewer this season. I am all for integrity and all but cmon keep the big dogs in it.

I can't wait to see 24 in a few minutes

Extreme Makeover the Home Edition was amazingly emotional yesterday. Mainly because I knew the family and the teenager who was lost almost 2 years ago. What the show didn't tell you though was that another teenager was lost in the same wreck. The teenager who they talked about, Ransom, had attended my youth group in Cartersville and I had gotten to know him and his sister thru their step mom who was an amazing youth worker in my group. Ransom was full of life and a guy who really was trying to focus his life on God and just had a life that reflected God's zeal for life. Alex, the other teenager who didn't make it, was one of the first students I met as a youth pastor at my new and great church in Canton. So while trying to celebrate my 4 year old's 3rd birthday at the braves game I found myself fielding calls from 2 church families about a car wreck. I went thru alot at this time and grew alot in my faith as I dealt with alot, especially at not being able to have an answer for how God worked in this situation. Its really tough trying to find a reason why to kids lees than 17 have to go even though they are 2 great kids.

Sometimes God has His reasons. And since He made the whole universe and rules over it all I will trust Him to make calls on EVERYTHING.

I still miss both these kids (no matter how short my time with them was) and will never forget their innocence and desire to have fun in life and the realization that life is short and that nothing is guaranteed.

God Rules


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Shawn said...

Was checking out the church website and went to your blog. It's great! Check out mine if you don't mind! L8tr ;)