Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The Good

The Office freakin rules and the last 3 episodes were uh-mazing

Heroes....was good...but left some empty feelings and some more questions totally unanswered

The Bad

Shrek the Third was not good so it was bad. The only way you could really enjoy it I think is if you are like a total Shrek nut and the story of Shrek intrigues you enough that you would follow his adventures everywhere, or if you took your kids who would really enjoy it

LOST is tomorrow night....thats too far.....and bad

The Ugly

24 was ROUGH. The cheese factory must have worked overtime for that finale.

The Braves. I guess I bragged too much and we are only 3 games out but we need to take care of business VS the Mets this week.

NOTE: THATS what I'm talking about. Laney and I get to go to the game tomorrow.

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mark ayers said...

hey dude...thanx for the congrats...it was good to hang at the Stone!! Your staff did a fantastic job caring for my little Noah man...let's do lunch sometime bro...