Sunday, May 20, 2007

my brain, poured into a blog

* I have been taking Avery to help me setup the past 2 weeks and its been great, but it also shows how he is growing up (he will be in Kindergarten in 2 months)

* Spiderman 3 was probably one of my anticipated films of this summer but may fail to crack the top 3 of my favs of this summer

* The Braves are struggling

* Its early summer and while the Dawgs are struggling in the offseason and the Falcons may end up being without number 7, I still wish football would get here soon

* I love being portable even though sometimes it puts you in the cross hairs

* Our band freaking rocks and there is no denying or getting around it

* Shrek the Third was no way near any of the others, but it was fun to take the whole family to a movie for the first time since.........Cars (more to come on this later)

* Tomorrow I celebrate 7 years of marriage and I can honestly say, I love my wife more now that ever before, she never reads this but I want it on record anyway

* Great Weekend = Family and Community day (today) + Day with my 2 boys (Saturday) + In laws and grillout day (Friday)

More to come



Chris Goeppner said...

i was a dlittle disappointed in spider man. really look forward to born ultimatum. happy anniversary!

Milo said...

I just dropped by though some mutual links, and have to say I enjoy your blog, and we understand your struggles...keep up the good work