Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Greatest Air Band

Joshua posted an awesome scene from on of my favorite shows Scrubs and I just couldn't help myself but think of this scene which is in the same episode

I love the solos


Josh(ua) Treece said...

Absolutely. This is one of my fave songs to play on Guitar Hero. And Ted is amazing!

Chris Goeppner said...

ah yes. love them scrubbers.

Amanda said...

Dear Preston,

I see hypocrites like you and your team in the church everywhere I look: they are either trying to get warm bodies to fill the seats, or churches are now trying to "liven up" their current congregation. It disgusts me to see the Word of God trampled on so by people who care more about having a large church than a sound church. As I told my husband the other night, all you need is one pastor who knows the Bible thru and thru, and who isn't afraid to tell you about it! That's all we need and so many of us aren't getting that. It saddens me to talk to other Christians who have no doctrinal basis. And as Martin Loyd-Jones said so plainly, " You cannot separate what a man believes from what he is. For this reason doctrine is vitally important. Certain people say ignorantly, "I do not believe in doctrine; I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; I am saved, I am a Christian, and nothing else matters". To speak in that way is to court disaster, and for this reason, the New Testament itself warns us against this very danger. We are to guard ourselves against being "tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine", for if your doctrine goes astray your life will soon suffer as well. ..."

Your "in" jargon is frankly disturbing and probably one of the worst diseases that is currently plaguing the Christian Church. Why it the world do you think people want to hear the precious Word of God dumbed down for them?? I can't understand this...You think it's a "good thing" to present the Gospel like this? How in the world can you justify this through the Bible.

I went to a church for years like yours, with no teaching and ended up with no more understanding of the nature of the God I worship than a baby. You do a great disservice to the hearts and minds of your congregation by distracting from God with you showboating.

Sincerely and Sadly,
Amanda McQuade

Preston Porter said...


I don't know who you are.
You have obviously never been to our church and really don't know us.
I am also very confused about your comments (basically I have no idea why you would post them, and especially why on a post about a TV show).

I don't know why I am not deleting your comments since we have no real way to tell who you are. (Profile Not Available)

But thanks for dropping by, accusing me (someone you have never met) and my church (somewhere you have never been) of a bunch of things that would further confuse people who don't go to church (yes believe it or not there are alot of them) and we don't do.

But anyway.......Hey.......and......take care