Thursday, June 28, 2007

Open Letter to the Atlanta Hawks

Dear Billy Knight/Atlanta Hawks Management,

I have always loved all my local sports teams and have never really turned my back on them until recently with you guys. I did sour on the Falcons when things weren't going well and management appeared to either not care or be able to make any good decision. That all changed when the Dirty Birds got super aggressive and traded up to draft Mike Vick. While he isn't the perfect QB and may not even play this year at least I knew they were trying. You guys (The Hawks) however have shown nothing that would warrant me (a guy who has been linked to basketball all his life) paying any attention to whats going on. The constant bad choices in the draft (not that I hate all our talent) that lack of aggressiveness in signing big name free agents has all lead me to a zero to minuscule interest in the Hawks. Things could change today though. If you make a move for either Kevin Garnett or Amare Stoudemire
I will officially support you next year. I could also at least pay some attention if you make the right move if a trade doesnt work out and draft Mike Conley Jr. We have needed a point guard for forever and you are in perfect position to take him. If you draft one or 2, 6'6"-6'10" players who are tweeners again, consider our relationship over next year.

Please do the right thing

Preston Porter
Hopeful Future Fan of the 2007/2008 Atlanta Hawks

UPDATE: Goodbye Atlanta Hawks maybe we can try again in a year. Al Horford 6'10" Power Forward? Acie Law IV PG?

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