Monday, July 02, 2007

It was bound to happen....

I have posted before about my pets here and the fact that I own an awesome South Florida King Snake.

He has never bitten anyone, my kids or myself and has been great as the kids love him.

Well (cover your ears squeamish folk) as you can imagine it is most healthy to give him live food and I have since I have owned him and he is growing (almost 4ft) great so just a a few months ago I switched from mice to small rats.

Well like I said everything had gone right until today.

I just purchased an awesome reptarium for my snake like this one and while I loved it he didnt seem too thrilled and also a little bit confused. I bought his customary meal last Friday only to have him ignore it and act even a little afraid of it. He usually eats (at least attacks and kills) in less than 30 seconds.

As of this morning there were still 2 inhabitants of the reptarium. 1 Snake and 1 meal.

Now there is only one. THE RAT IS LOOSE IN MY HOUSE!

My wife has been super cool about the snake forever but this maybe the end of that.

I am only writing this as she is not home and if the cops need a motive I want them to have my side of the story (if I am found dead).

The stupid rat ate through my awesome cage and is on the loose, unfortunately I am pretty scared he will not make it long as I have not fed him the past 4 days.

Well I gotta rat to catch, wish me luck and pray for my marriage.

Hopefully more to come

Rat was caught. Of course it was only AFTER the family got home and my wife FINALLY came upstairs and saw it scurry across the floor (I am literally sweating and throwing things around, she gets half way up the stairs and he decides to walk right out in the open). My dog Bailey helped me corner it and then I caught it. I thought about "expediting" the process to help the snake but I couldn't do it. The mouse is free as my wife demanded I do something, even though her way is much less humane (or ratmane).
Anyway good luck to you little rat run free until a large bird or snake finds you because you are so easy to see because you are white and don't belong in the woods of North Georgia.


Ned said...

How is that reptarium working out for the snake? I'm considering buying one for the ball python I'm also about to buy.

Preston Porter said...


Thanks for posting on my blog

The reptarium is great.

The only real issue is keeping a high enough level of humidity to allow for ease of shedding.

Also my snake requires basically no lamplight what so ever.

Anyway if you have any more questions let me know.

Also where are you in metro ATL I could give ya a heads up on where to get some good stuff for good deals. I would also like to know so we never end up at the same restaurant as we are on our way to 5 too. Just kidding