Tuesday, August 28, 2007

200! uh 201/Quick Hits

I suck at blogging so bad recently that I didnt even realize that I just missed blog 200, so happy Bicentennial to me!

Last night I had something that was heavenly, try it if you get a chance. There were on clearance and I figured what the heck I like almonds, jalepenos and smokehouses, and they were AWESOME!
I really cant believe that the Dawgs are only 4 days away! And college football is in 2 days.

I get to play golf this weekend, while I am NO good, its still cool to get away and relax, with the off chance I may hit one good shot.

Our fantasy teams are set and the crazy Revolution leagues are now rolling, prepare for anything and everything which makes these leagues great!

Church was awesome Sunday and will be great again this week, cant wait!

Have a great Tuesday

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