Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fantasy Football

This year I got a little out of control.....

I usually try to limit my FF leagues to only one or two.

This year I somehow ended up in 4!

The ones I like most are with my peeps from church because you never know what to expect

We also started a keeper league this year which is new for many so it will be interesting to see how that pans out

Here is my keeper league team, I drafted 3rd and with a few exceptions, like this team

Larry Johnson
Ronnie Brown
Edgerrin James
Donald Driver
Donovan McNabb
Plaxico Burress
Donte Stallworth
Chris Cooley
Jeff Wilkins
Fred Taylor
Drew Bennett

Who did you draft if you have fantasy fever?

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Matt McKee said...

I too am a fantasy football nut. I have found myself in 4 leagues this year but none are keeper leagues. One though does have individual defensive players. Anyway, I hope that you didn't take Larry Johnson over Joseph Addai because Addai is going to have a lot more upside for the next 5 years.