Thursday, August 09, 2007

I feel bad but......

good things happened today

I think I am catching a cold but......

My wife picked me up from work so I wouldnt have to drive home in 100+ temps

Got to take the kids to the pet store after work

Braves won, even though they almost blew it

I read some stuff that got me VERY excited bout the Dawgs season

Got some work done today and felt effective even though my body was fighting thinking

now I am chilling watching the PGA Championship on DVR (5 hours +) and I have no idea about what is gonna happen other than I know John Daly has a lead at some point which can't be bad.

I do hope that Tiger wins though as usual as he is my favorite and is amazing and my favorite tourney he has ever won was the 2000 PGA Championship. Bob May played lights out and was simply unbeatable.....except for Tiger Woods, who is not impressed with words like impossible.

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Becca said...

Preston - how do we get in touch with anyone at REVOLUTION Church? Emails, website, everything is DOWN.