Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sunday....Monday.....Tuesday Brain Leak

  • Being without high speed internet and email nowadays is like being without power
  • Michael Vick is most likely done as an Atlanta Falcon not to mention will probably be going to jail
  • The Revolution is tearing it up and it is so exciting to think of where God is about to take us
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter has a special tonight about him returning to speak to a prison where he served some time and I am pumped to watch it
  • The Dawgs are getting banged up but I am still pretty positive about our chances this year, but then again I am dumb
  • There are 2 aquarium projects going on in the office right now to add some nice decorations to the office and its pretty exciting but Gary's aquarium is AMAZING!
  • We had about 5 kids bring more than 4 friends to church on Sunday
  • IT IS HOT, every day, I think this is the hottest summer we have had in like 3 years
  • I think Madden 08 comes out today, I wonder how many people will call in sick
  • Football will be 2 weeks away this Saturday!

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