Monday, October 01, 2007

The search continues...

I think I have mentioned it before on here but I was basically raised in a single mom household and my relationship with my dad has always been a rollercoaster.

He has gone thru alot and made some very bad decisions but then he tries from time to time to get things straight but then we lose contact with him and dont hear from him for awhile.

So I always have this saying "The saga continues..." to describe the search for my dad.

Well I just got an update that he is actually in a north Georgia town, and instead of hanging out in bars (he is a recovering addict, but is also a musician who can get alot of gigs (read=income), unfortunately in bars) he is helping a church with their praise band.

I cant wait to see this church and what its like as my dad has seen alot and its just funny to think of him going from the bar scene every week to the praise band scene in a small rural GA town


The saga continues...

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