Monday, October 08, 2007


Hey any of you who still read bad.

Having 3 kids and changing roles is no way to manage a blog :)

Having 3! Mason is just over 2 weeks old and a couple of nights ago Laney and I were like "Hey....I know you" If you are wanting to know the difference between 2 kids and 3 kids, it just never stops.

We had Jake (our 3 year old) potty trained and semi independent but adding a third really cranks it up a notch.

Anyway real quick thoughts.....

  • Church rocked yesterday
  • Had my sisters over with their kids yesterday, had lots of fun playin football and meeting my new niece, Zoe (she is 2 days younger than Mason)
  • Excited about Heroes tonight and Prison Break (thanks to GL I am hooked now on PB)
  • Thinkin about taking up mountain biking to find some way to get in shape, maybe someone will team up with me
  • Excited about a couple of phone calls this week to brainstorm and pick peoples brain on my new role
  • Love my wife and 3 boys


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Ned said...

Congratulations on #3 Preston! We are in John's Creek / Suwanee, so don't go to any restaurants there. The seven of us will bump your measley five.

I've got some great single-track trails in Gwinnett I ride sometimes. There are probably plenty in Cherokee/Cobb too! Hard to get away very often, but if you get a bike we should go!

Let me know about where you get good deals on the reptile stuff. Our new ball python ate his first rat under our roof this week. Way cool. I'll post photos soon.