Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Family Stuff

Avery is kickin tail at school and getting ready to have summer break and his birthday, which is May 5th. He is also really into this game Kingdom Hearts, which he has me play for him all the is probably one of the most difficult and challenging games in history but he loves it so I play it for him. : )
Jake is all about Batman right now. He is also the king of silly as when I got home on Monday he rushed to the door to inform me that I was a popcorn head. He may not have rushed as he had his Batman cape on and actually flew.

Mason is growing like crazy and at 7 months he is actually pulling himself up and standing and kinda freaking us out as it looks like he could walk very soon. He is also so fat/big that he cant use the tub chair but that doesnt matter as he can sit up fine without falling over by himself.

Laney and I are headed on a date tonight thanks to a friend and whil I am not the biggest fan I think we will have a blast!


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