Thursday, May 01, 2008

Like I said yesterday, I am not the world biggest fan of Daughtry and Bon Jovi, but I had a blast!

I did learn a great deal though and would love to share these lessons with you today....

Jon Bon Jovi is an amazing showman and literally was a preacher, rocker, cheerleader and awesome party guy all rolled into one

Music can literally make people feel/think like they are so much younger. I saw 40 and 50 year olds ladies dancing like they were in middle school, and some 30 year olds dancing like they were strippers and were somehow going to literally dance their way backstage with Ritchie and JBJ

Of course I didnt meet Daughtry but he seemed like a really cool guy, he was very humble, realized that almost everyone was there for JBJ and even made fun of himself and how much the radio plays his songs

When The Jovi hit the stage I was checking out the whole band and knew JBJ was cool and that Ritchie could rock and then I saw the drummer and he looked like he could kill someone so was impressed.......but then.......I saw her....

The hottest keyboard player of all time

We went to Houstons to eat and I wasnt REALLY hungry so I ordered the Thai Steak and Noodle Salad....freaking amazing. Seriously maybe one of the best meals I have had in years.

Anyway, I have a ton of pictures but can't get iPhoto and blogger to play nice as blogger keeps wanting to rotate them.

A few more quick hits about the concert
  • Phillips Arena is a bad place for a concert, because it is designed to be loud
  • IT WAS THE LOUDEST PLACE I HAVE EVER BEEN, and not because of the music, I thought my eardrum ruptured at one point due to the screaming
  • TSHIRTS at concerts cost $
  • The heat that was given of by all those hormone laden women made it about 107 degrees
  • People dressed as if they were going to meet the band, not hear them play
  • Never drink an espresso before you are about to go into traffic and you have drank water all day, closest I have come to peeing my pants since kindergarten
  • JBJ is a working man's band, line for the BUD LIGHT station: 60 deep, line for the "fine" beverages.....2 people
  • Daughtry came out for Blaze of Glory and they tore the place down
  • I gotta say that being a church guy, I was kinda proud in that the church is leading the way, or at least competing well in some technological things like Imag and lighting and sound
  • I really feel like both bands genuinely wanted everyone to have a good time, which we did. : )

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Johnny P said...

did someone light up a doobie right next to you? i mean, literally to my left i was getting some second hand high at the radiohead concert.