Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm Back!


I haven't blogged in about 6 months

But I want to start again

Not for any one particular reason but for many

Twitter kinda satisfies my need to stay in touch with folks quick and keep people updated on whats up with me but I need a little something more

More on family life more on the incredible things happening at Revolution...just more in general

I looked back over my blogging history and was just kinda blown away about how great my life is and has been and want to continue to document that, so I'm back

So if you are dropping in for the first time ever or just in awhile....cool. Check out some of my older posts and I hope you enjoy the ramblings

It's not gonna be consistent, I will leave that to twitter but want to get outside of the 140 characters from time to time so....here goes!


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jtslade said...

Wie Gehts?