Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Family Prison Break update

Last night was crazy!

I know I havent posted in awhile due to the twitter updates but I gotta let some steam off! : )

So I documented whats been going on with my family a few weeks ago and how both my parents are addicts and spiraling out of control.

Last night was kindof the straw the killed a herd of camels though...

Now my mom is finally home from her 4 trips to the hospital and seems to be doing well but with her over/under medicationing (a word?) there is no telling when the phone will ring again.

Now my dad on the other hand is gone. He is stuck at Kennestone, where he went in for severe restless leg syndrome and sciatic nerve issues, only to have them hold him for almost a week now, and he has called me almost every single day, which I have not answered once.

You see, on May 24th I ended my relationship with my dad with only one chance for a reunion, that he calls me after he has been thru at least 4 months of rehab. I have been thru so much crap with this and he has always taken advantage of people who feel sorry for him so a clear boundary need to be set, and when he did not get back into rehab, our relationship ended.

But then I kept getting these phone calls and he is talking about how they are keeping him longer because of spine and brain issues and it sounds serious, so I started feeling guilty, and I almost called him...but I spoke to my mom first who then told me that he was actually trying to get a hold of one of my sisters social security numbers....anger.

So I called him but not out of guilt....out of a desire to stress the seriousness of our family's mindset towards him. My sisters decided that they are in the same thinking as me and want to lay down the boundaries and move forward.

So last night I told my dad to never try and screw with our family again and to not call any of us unless he is on his deathbed or has been thru 6 months of rehab.

I hope he gets it and changes his life but the bottom line is we have to move forward and he is not adding to our lives and only destroying his.

I believe in grace and in hope and that God has a plan that is sometimes hard to see but I also believe God wants us to protect things he gives us too, and I will not let someone who nearly destroyed the family I grew up in, destroy the family I am making now.

Sorry just needed a vent...thanks blogger.

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Lindsay said...

Scanning blogs...saw yours...couldn't help but share about GraceWay Recovery ( for women for your mom...I will say a prayer for you and your family. God's peace...